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Right from beginning UK Trading House has focused on every aspect of customers need by providing quality products and timely delivery. We have established Quality Management Systems, beginning from raw material stage to final product stage. Each stage of product passes through its set procedures and inspection plans. Timely delivery, Quality Products, After Sale Services, Stringent Quality System helped us to gain our customer’s confidence.

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We are the negotiator between you and the importer to get the best quality products in competitive price. We can assess your budgetary limitation. As we are great hub of information so we can find out the best sourcing for you.

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Fashionable Clothes


We could be your specialist Purchasing Source... We have huge range of importer in our connection so we can be your great sourcing partner.

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Health & Beauty


It is your best opportunity to consult with our specialist buyer, please call

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We Have the best sources

So, We Can Offer You The Best Deal


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Why Choose Us

  • Proper customer care, undefeatable customer service.
  • We involve experts to generate your garment buying process.
  • Guaranteed supply, accurate products, no crossing of deadline.
  • Our highly motivate enthusiastic customer service team have that level of astuteness
    to mediate between the parties at very reasonable price, where neither party would be loser.
  • Supplier selection or identification for businesses.
  • Source garments cheaper products and components from the new market.
  • Complete purchasing services for different wholesalers.
  • Negotiate with the importer or suppliers on behalf of the wholesalers to get the best price and quality.

  • Our Opening Time

    We open 10am to 6pm (Monday - Friday) and 10am to 5pm (Saturday - Sunday)