UK Trading House of World Limited will offer complete buying services to the companies who generally sell designers fashionable men's and women's wear such as shirts, jackets, tops and shorts, swimwear, sleep wears and foot wears. We maintain the duty as a buyer on behalf of the wholesalers to purchase selective items from the renowned UK importers and distributors in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

We provide a proactive, entrepreneurial and updated approach to procurement coupled with professionalism, integrity and extensive experience. We keep in touch with a wide range of suppliers and/or importers in the procurement areas the company specialists in, ensuring to keep on top of recent market situation and trends.

Our services will include the following:

  • Supplier selection or identification for businesses.

  • Source cheaper best quality products and components from the new market.

  • Complete purchasing services for different wholesalers.

  • Negotiate with the importer or suppliers on behalf of the wholesalers to get the best price and quality.

We can help you with

best rate  - best service - no complaints

We are the negotiator between you and the importer to get the best quality products in competitive price. We can assess your budgetary limitation. As we are great hub of information so we can find out the best sourcing for you. You don’t need to think about you order. Because we ensure the quality-full product will arrive on your door on time that will comply with your order.

Pointing the accurate product, that matches your requirements.

We consider us, to be capable of working as your sole purchaser.

Involving various suppliers in the buying process.

Bridging you with supplier who sells cheaper garment products with best quality from the different suppliers or importers.

Establishing business bond with the importer or suppliers on behalf of the wholesalers to create a trustworthy business chain.

For a one off purchasing service, we are offering you our best price in the market, then you would ponder whether to purchase or not. You are stipulating in any contract, we will not impose any fee, just our cost that you can buy or leave.

No legal bindings until you agree to enter a contract, which you decide after having chosen our products.